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  1. Chris Merriman

    Is it just me that has suddenly seen links flood (some might say spam) their Other WordPress News section on the dashboard? I have mine set to 15 items, and has pushed anything else off the bottom.


  2. Chris Merriman

    OK, thanks for the reassurance – good to know it isn’t just some weird bug that was only effecting my d/board.


  3. Hanna

    I have tried to get the VodPod widget to work but I cannot seem to hook it up with my vodPod account. In the widget I am asked to put in the Pod Name: but to find my profile/VodPod URL its What should I do?

    Do I need to click share and then choose wordpress and give all my account info such as wordpress login name and password to make this work? Is that safe?

    Appreciate any help!



    • Ryan Markel

      Are you using a blog hosted on or a self-hosted WordPress blog? Ig you’re using self-hosted WordPress, you can check our excellent support pages and forums, and if you’re using a self-hosted WordPress blog, you could always ask around the support forums.

      If using, you should simply be able to go to VodPod and use the Share section, select, and grab the widget code from VodPod, which you would then input into the widget in your administration area.


  4. uyin

    Nice info..


  5. Bryan - After5PC

    Thanks for the widget video tutorial. I’ll give this a try on one of my client’s blog.


  6. BELEN

    Muchas gracias! muy útil


  7. dom88pao

    Very usefull informations about how to include videos list into a wordpress blog.


  8. vsbee

    So there is no auto-play function instead of a playlist?


  9. ezi101

    How can you change the number of videos you can show in the widget?


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August 3, 2009

The VodPod video widget for makes it easy to add a customized sidebar display of your latest collected videos in the sidebar of your blog. You can read more about the widget in this support article.

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