VideoPress Integration for Self-Hosted WordPress

42 responses on “VideoPress Integration for Self-Hosted WordPress

  1. Philip

    I am not getting the embedd window when I log in to my account.
    Instead the whole window changes to become the dashboard and my self hosted blog dashboard is gone.
    Not sure what I am doing wrong but I have deleted and re installed the plugin and logged out of the .com and changed password to try and reset everything.
    Still not getting this to work.


  2. Robert MacEwan

    Needs an ‘insert into post’ button from within the newly opened videopress plugin window. Having to copy the code then pasting is outdated. Kaltura’s video plugin provides a great template for how to do a video plugin correctly. Hope you don’t mind constructive criticism.


  3. Raanan Bar-Cohen

    @Robert — I agree re: the “insert into post”. We are working on improving the plugin and your feedback is super helpful.


    • raisingharvest

      Just amazes me that they’d be selling videopress and it’s not working for self-hosted sites. We’re having the same problem and hope this is resolved promptly. We just bought the videopress upgrade today. Uggh.


      • Joseph Scott

        You can still embed VideoPress videos on your site, the plugin was made to make that and video management easier.

        So far I haven’t been able to reproduce this and I need to find the right pieces that are causing this so that I can fix it. What browser (and version) are you using? What browser plugins do you have installed?


  4. Ryan Markel

    We’re definitely paying attention to your requests here; thank you all for your patience and for reporting your issues to us.


  5. HueyOnline

    It’s a nice presentation.


  6. Devon Crosby


    We’re having the same issue as Philip.

    Tried with OS X 10.5.7, WPMU and both Safari and Firefox.


  7. timschmi

    Does it work with “WordPress MU 2.8.1.”. We have installed the plugin, but the Videopress-button in the Dashboard doesn’t show up. Our is it only for the “normal” WordPress, not Multiuser.


  8. womenwisemarketing

    I am having the same problem that Philip is having. Do you expect this to be corrected soon? I just purchased one year’s subscription to VideoPress and, as raisingharvest mentions, I am wasting my money on a service that does not work.


    • Joseph Scott

      The plugin is to help making embedding easier, you can still embed videos without use of the plugin.

      That said I would like to get this resolved but so far have not been able to reproduce the problem, which makes it very hard to solve. What browser (and version) are you using and what if any browser plugins do you have installed?


  9. j316 Media

    Is it just me or is anyone else having difficulty putting videos into your “self-hosted” site. I’m wanting to sell simple videos and use wordpress to do it. I’m wanting a site similar to this: but can’t seem to get videos to show up. I installed 2 plug-ins “embedded Video” and “Flash video” and can’t seem to get either to work. Is there a tutorial out there? I’m new to wordpress and it seems that there’s not really a set way to do things, well some things unless you mess with the code. Any ideas?


  10. John Morris

    Throw me in the ring for the self-hosted VideoPress not working. Does the exact same thing as all the others.

    Firefox 3.013.


    Google Toolbar
    IE Tab
    McAfee Site Advisor
    Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant
    Skype Extension

    I know you’ll get it. Thanks!!



  11. John Lloyd

    Nice work, Mr. Pick. Looks like you needed to upgrade to 2.8.3, though. Teehee!


  12. EveEvans

    Can’t get your How to Video to play – I have used both IE and Opera. Am I to use only a certain Brower for it to work. I want to upload the plugin but would love to view the HOW TO video to make sure I install and work it properly.




    • Ryan Markel

      The video should play as long as you have the most recent version of Flash installed for your browser of choice. If you’re running into issues playing the video, you might want to clear your browsers’ caches and then try reloading the page. If you’re still having issues with it, let us know what type of problem you are seeing so we can make sure others aren’t affected by it.


  13. Joseph Scott

    I’ve just updated this theme to fix the problem people were having with getting redirected outside of the iframe to their dashboard taking up the whole window.

    The updated version is 0.1.1 and it only addresses the issue with the incorrect redirect.

    You can download the plugin from or install it via the ‘Add New’ menu option under Plugins on your powered blog.


  14. Devon Crosby

    Works for us now, thanks!


  15. Devon Crosby

    Is there any, or will there be any support to scale the video size?

    Something like ?


  16. dreamandhisangels

    I’m currently a big (paying) fan of Vimeo, and am seriously considering switching! Excited =)


  17. Glenn Tremain

    Can this be used if you want your videos stored on the server your self hosted wordpress blog is on? If not then what would you recommend (other than the obvious). Thanks


    • Ryan Markel

      The VideoPress solution is available as a download and is GPL-licensed, but it requires some dedicated hardware and pretty serious server administration skills to use. It’s intended for large-scale installations.

      VideoPress is intended to use the grid to store your video so it’s always served reliably and quickly as part of the service.


  18. Glenn Tremain

    Thanks Ryan. I have the server power and techies to run them but your answer makes it seem hard. The key issue is that I want to have the share function link back to the domain that is referencing the video. With the version available now the links would be going to the site? If so then it has no use to me as I can just link to vimeo using another plug in and I dont have to pay the $$$ for wordpress and storage. Thanks in advance for helping me as I’m a noob to wordpress.


  19. Glenn Tremain

    Anyone with experience able to help me? I need a video solution that instead of youtube it would have people going to the website itself as the source to link to. Thanks


    • Robert

      @Glen – what problem are you having? I have the video framework running with WPMU 2.8.x and have put some tips for techies who need to build the components. Are you getting some particular error?

      “The key issue is that I want to have the share function link back to the domain that is referencing the video”

      If you host your own WPMU with the video framework, then the “links” would point back to your domain.


  20. Glenn Tremain

    If I have to host them on then whats the difference to using youtube and vimeo?


    • Robert

      You don’t have to host them on if you run your own WPMU and then install the video framework plugin and set up the transcoding service. But to get that set up, your techies would need to understand what they are doing.

      @Ryan – I would say it’s not super hard — the documentation needs to be improved, of course, but it can be done by someone with good understanding of running WP or WPMU and reading the posts and asking for help if you get stuck 🙂


  21. glenntremain

    Thanks Robert…as evidenced by someone rating my questions negatively and reviewing tons of questions on forums…it seems that’ers get attitude and are not as helpful when you talk about .org and such. I appreciate your direction.

    The key to our request is to embed code that others use to put on their sites have the domain of the site rather than youtube, vimeo or (only because the site is not on the .com platform). This small difference in where they are hosted makes a big difference in SEO.

    Thanks again for you taking the time to answer my concerns.


  22. Premium Template

    thanks for best tutorial 🙂 We love Wp TV .


  23. Robert D.

    Is there an option in VideoPress to allow your users to upload videos as well? I am considering WP+BuddyPress+VideoPress as a transitional solution from Ning. I am researching other alternatives as well, but have grown really comfortable developing in WP.


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  24. Dan

    Folks on can achieve the same by just downloading a video plugin. I use Viper’s Video Quicktags plugin, you can find it in site or from your self hosted install by going to Plugins –> Add New and typing the plugin name. This is a great plugin and it allows you to configure how the videos are displayed (width, height, colors, alignment on the page) and much more. I’ve added a post on how to get this done and examplles on my site as well ( Hope this helps the folks out there with .org self hosting (it sure helped me and save me tons of time). By the way, after installing this plugin you’ll be able to embed the video just as easy as this:

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  25. Carl has a free VideoPress plugin that you install on your WP blog (i.e. hosted on your own server) so you don’t need find someone to install it. The only downside (as far as I can tell) is that you must encode your videos with When the plugin is installed, a small icon appears and asks you a few questions, then the encoding is done on their servers. I’ve checked a few encoding services, doesn’t seem to any others with a Videopress. If there are pls post them.


  26. Terri MacMillan

    Thanks so much to Michael and everyone from WP for answering questions.

    I just want to make sure that I’m clear: VideoPress, either on or in the versions will work with BuddyPress so that community members can upload their own videos.

    thanks in advance,


  27. seth

    Is there any option or plugins to show the VideoPress video title and description which i have uploaded on my website?


  28. surfjacobson1

    I know that VideoPress allows Administrators to upload videos but is there away to allow Contributors to upload videos on their posts as well?
    Thank you.


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August 5, 2009

VideoPress brings high definition embeddable video to and beyond. In this tutorial, we look at how to make use of the service using your self-hosted installation of WordPress.

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