Andrew Warner: How to Add Video to Your Blog

4 responses on “Andrew Warner: How to Add Video to Your Blog

  1. Bronwyn OShea

    I have not been allocating the time to look at your videos as I have been busy finishing the development for my startup, but now this one in particular has encouraged me to step out of my stealth mode and start doing video and implementing video into the online community that will be part of peoplematch.
    As always great content, great presenting, I hope to attend a seminar that you present soon.


  2. Stu

    Technical problems at 5:18 caused me to stop watching. I would still appreciate a link to Andrew’s slide deck though…


  3. bobhakimi

    How can I add Live vedio to my website to make it as internet tv.
    thanks bob


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September 12, 2009

Andrew Warner discusses how easy and inexpensive it is to create video that can be added to a blog, including ideas for hardware, suggestions and demonstrations of software packages for managing video, and basic techniques for video-making.

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