Introduction to HookPress

15 responses on “Introduction to HookPress

  1. wormeyman

    Hey you’re voice over work is really really good!


  2. Ximena Eduarda

    Hey thanks this is really interesting and I am already figuring out what it can do for me! Thanks for sharing! 😉


  3. wormeyman

    Also you should probably address how insecure it is to link to an offsite file for your hook code what if they change the code to allow an XSS attack?


    • mitcho

      @wormeyman, the target audience for HookPress is people who would be writing their own scripts to process the requests. That said, the return value is not executed at all so there’s very little danger in external services doing anything harmful to your own setup, unless you use HookPress to set up webhooks for some of the low level filters such as those on WP’s SQL queries.


  4. Consciência Planetária

    It would be great to use Roby or Java Servlets together with WordPress!!


  5. mike

    this is exactly why, imho, wordpress is the leader the open source community… you guys continually push the limits. keep it up =)


  6. vbCruiser

    Great intro. Do you know if there’s a list of sites that accepts push notifications?


  7. Bronson

    Awesome, this is going to keep me busy for ages – a great way to leverage external scripts and services.


  8. unomateo99

    Great plugin… I’m using it just to find more hooks. I never was able to find a reliable list of them for programming plugins


  9. John Hawkins

    What an excellent plugin! I’ll definitely be telling everybody I can about it. So simple!

    Nicely done!


  10. mitcho

    FYI: I’ll be giving a talk on WordPress plugin development, covering HookPress basics as well, at the upcoming Boston WordPress meetup on September 28, 2009. I hope to use HookPress to make it a good session for non-PHP developers as well.


  11. NG


    I just had to leave a note thanking you for this great plugin. A lot is now possible because of your work.


  12. aditya permana

    i really love wordpress..and almost not belive if wordpress is free and open source


  13. profitstaff615

    Is there any way to use custom fields in the webhook? I’m trying to hook user registration data when the action user_register happens, but get Hookpress to hook more fields.


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September 13, 2009

HookPress allows you to set up webhooks so that a specified URL (a public service or something you set up) is requested when certain WordPress actions occur. Possible uses include generating push notifications or using non-PHP web technology to extend WordPress. This introduction by the plugin author, mitcho, gives you a brief overview of HookPress and a couple of examples for getting started.

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