Setting Up Akismet for

8 responses on “Setting Up Akismet for

  1. limited

    video isn’t working properly. Only plays the first 5 seconds!!


  2. mygurusays

    In addition to this you may need to pause the machine in order for the buffering of files to catcxh up. You can see this actually happening in the bar at the bottom of the screen. It should only take 30 seconds or so then you can watch the complete film in one go.

    This actually happens on a lot of presentations not just this one.

    Good luck

    Kevin Lyle


  3. accompanyc

    I found this very helpful – to the point and contained all the info I needed. Thanks!


  4. nickik

    I’m a little confused – there is no “Plugins” option on the left nav (looks like it’s located right below Appearance). Is this because I’m not doing a self-hosted blog?


  5. Marianne McGlynn

    I have thousands of “spam” or “trash” entries. How can I delete them in bulk and not just in 20 message increments? Thanks,


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September 25, 2009

Akismet is a powerful spam filter that’s built in to But what if you’re running a self-hosted WordPress blog?

This tutorial will give you the simple information you need to install and activate Akismet on your blog.

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