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8 responses on “Shorten your URLs with

  1. Consciência Planetária

    2 letters, it must have been expensive 😛


  2. Adair

    I was thinking exactly the same thing! Not sure if I’d use it though as Bit.Ly offers live statistics which is what makes it great compared to the other shorteners.


  3. FromParkersPen

    Love the domain name “2-letter” price humor. They must have purchased it as soon as the .me TLD first came online! I’ve been a TinyURL user for years, since their early days. But, I’ll try, couldn’t hurt–I hope :0


  4. RobtWms

    I wonder if we’ll see a plugin for self hosted wp installs.


  5. totb1

    Great feature for people trying to host or promote their blogs to other sites. Or throughout an enterprise or in an E-mail to those who are web-challenged


  6. Tech-Pill

    Great feature for all the WordPress bloggers as they don’t have to use any third party websites to get their links shortened but if they would have given in detail statistics for their short links it would have been better.


  7. baytukka

    this worked for me .. thanks a lot


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September 25, 2009

Now, you can add generate short URLs at with a single click. This video will show you how.

This feature is currently only available on

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