Mark Jaquith: BuddyPress and the Future of WordPress Plugins

18 responses on “Mark Jaquith: BuddyPress and the Future of WordPress Plugins

  1. Christopher

    It is frustrating how almost everything is video now. I feel so excluded since the player does not work on a slow connection. YouTube’s player does but this one does not.


  2. jack

    Unfortunately the video stops after 10.55 minutes. It happens already 2 times.


  3. Jon

    Interesting talk by Mark Jaquith. I just recently jumped into BuddyPress and I’m liking what can be done with it.


  4. drron

    I’d like to be able to watch this video while I am riding the subway. Of course we do not have wi-fi in the NYC subway. How can I get this onto my iPod?


  5. Midhun

    Yes. doesn’t load well on slow connections guys. please take into account your international audience too. 😦 Youtube works pretty much everywhere.


  6. Ron Suarez

    @Ryan – and where would that RSS feed be? I did know the answer to that one, because a few years ago I spent months trying to figure out what is really simple: feed://

    Getting a “category feed” from a WordPress blog was a mystery to me until one day I discovered that all you have to do is type “/feed” on the end. At the time it made me angry that it took months of searching to figure that out. In the past couple of years, I have become a technical person again, after a technical hiatus, while I was the business guy managing technical people for a couple of decades. The work we all do here does not need to be such a mystery to non-technical folks. It is important, but of course not easy, to attempt to understand how we can de-mystify this for non-technical folks.


  7. Michael

    I cant’ get any of your videos to play. I always get this message, “Sorry, the video is currently not available.” I’ve tried Firefox and Safari (Mac). Any suggestions?



  8. Michael

    Ryan: thanks for following up. Wouldn’t you know: the video seems to be working now for reasons unknown to me. Oh well…thx anyway!


  9. rositateacher

    Rosy says:
    This kind of information is important, but unfortunately the video stops after two minutes all the time.


  10. Premium Template

    Hey Ryan, i think BuddyPress is best in last time plugins. Thanks for informaiton!


  11. the real roxanne

    Would love to see something like this in a mobile app. Android or Windows Mobile.


  12. saycon



  13. Vlad Sanchez

    This functionality is already present in MovableType but the problem with MT is that you need to know Perl to extend the CMS. Very powerful CMS, but difficult to extend in my opinion.


  14. kenndojo

    Hello WordPress goodbye word pressure.


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September 26, 2009

Learn what BuddyPress is, what it can do, how to set it up, integrate it, and extend it. Get a preview of some of the features coming in BuddyPress 1.1, and learn why it is to your advantage as a WordPress developer to incorporate BuddyPress consulting into the services you offer in this session from Mark Jaquith. Also covered: why BuddyPress is a good model for the future of the WordPress plugin landscape.

Video production by Joe Christensen of Blaze Streaming Media.

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