Martin Buckley: Self-Hosting Multiple WordPress Blogs

6 responses on “Martin Buckley: Self-Hosting Multiple WordPress Blogs

  1. Mark Marshall

    Martin is a pretty funny speaker, and has some important things to say. Especially about the upgrade matrix, and change control. I am off to make one right now.



  2. Daniel

    What must be enabled for the video to be viewed in Firefox on a Linux box?


    • Ryan Markel

      The video runs within a Flash player.


      • Daniel

        Okay; but, sadly, it’s not loading in Firefox on my Linux box, in spite of my having a Flash plugin (flash-plugin- installed. And it’s unlikely that this problem is unique to my system, so it might be good to determine and convey what needs to be enabled.


        • Scott Schram

          The RSS feed for the site includes links to MP4 files of the videos. Perhaps you can find something that plays those (VLC?).


        • Daniel

          It’s not the plug-in that’s the problem. I’m pretty sure that one or more of the URLs is stopped by ad-filtering software. I could pore-over the HTML to identify every URL used, and see which were in conflict; but the easier thing to do would be just to temporarily disable the ad-block software, or to punt to a browser that didn’t have it.


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September 26, 2009

Martin Buckley shares his experiences with running, hosting, and upgrading multiple WordPress blogs, with tips and tricks—all in about eight minutes.

Video production by Joe Christensen of Blaze Streaming Media.

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