Scott Porad: WordPress at the Cheezburger Factory

2 responses on “Scott Porad: WordPress at the Cheezburger Factory

  1. Robert Nelson

    Kudos to Joe Christensen of Blaze Screaming Media for the great job on the Video done about Word Camp Seattle. I realize this has very little to do with Scott Porad, but feel that this person(Joe Christensen)should be patted on the back(so to speak) for a great job


  2. eddihughes

    Very inspiring speech, I had a lot of idea’s pop into my mind during this break out session. Can’t wait for next years event. Thanks Scott!


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September 26, 2009

Scott Porad answers questions from the WordCamp Seattle audience, discussing the Cheezburger Network, their business philosophy, how they use WordPress, the evolution of their platform, selling advertising on blogs, and the tools they use to maintain the network.

Video production by Joe Christensen of Blaze Streaming Media.

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