Embedding SoundCloud Tracks

7 responses on “Embedding SoundCloud Tracks

  1. ileaneb

    I tested this with my wordpress.com blog about a week ago but if you clicked on sound cloud icon, the browser opened a new window and left my blog? Has that changed now or am I doing something wrong? Thanks for the video.


  2. ileaneb

    This is working for me now. Thanks!

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  3. Ralev

    Useful movie !
    I’m starting to enjoy wordpress.tv more and more 🙂 cool videos around. Bravo!


  4. eops

    lol – A friend just pointed out to me that the track you use to illustrate embedding is my Barrio_Beatz_latino_funk mix! I feel honoured (randomly)!


  5. Styling Designs

    I love Soundcloud and wordpress


  6. Julia

    Oh my god i was working on this for the last hour! I was confused why it didn’t work because on wordpress while editing it, I put the code in the “media” or “auto” submission instead of just putting the code as it was right into the blog. Thanks so much for the video demo!


  7. Ilthy

    I tried to do this however, where it says HTML on body section where edit text, mine reads TEXT. Is this an issue or does my version not offer this feature?


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September 29, 2009

Both WordPress.com and WordPress.org users can easily embed SoundCloud tracks into their blog posts with the use of a simple shortcode. This tutorial demonstrates how.

For more information, visit the Support page on WordPress.com.

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