VideoPress: Selecting a Thumbnail

6 responses on “VideoPress: Selecting a Thumbnail

  1. Baci

    Hi Michael, Thanks for your “selecting a thumbnail”. Its a great tip !


  2. Ralev

    Cool feature 🙂

    btw – writing comments here as a little bit annoying since every time one clicks “Submit Comment” – the page reloads.. and interrupts the movie.
    I guess, Ajax could be useful here.

    nice movie, once again!


  3. sloq

    what music played


  4. developerindia

    How can i get the image of thumbnail of videos for diplaying in my website. For Eg in YouTube it is like that is there any way for videopress


  5. ejsimmons

    Not working for me. Being unable to change from the random thumbnail is a problem, as the video says, a bad thumbnail lowers the likelihood of a viewer clicking to play. Does anyone know how to get this work?


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October 2, 2009

When you upload video to VideoPress, it automatically grabs one frame to be used as a still thumbnail. Did you know you can choose which frame?

This quick tutorial will show you how.

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