Amanda Blum: Saving the World with WordPress: A Guide for Non-Profits

12 responses on “Amanda Blum: Saving the World with WordPress: A Guide for Non-Profits

  1. sharon

    Thank you for this! Great information and a great way to start a Monday ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Joly MacFie

    While imparting serious info, Amanda herself is an absolute riot! See WordCamp staff come in towards the end to tell us to stop laughing so loud!


  3. Brett Bumeter

    Great conversation in this video. I basically just listened as the video is moving all over the place, but it was still worth the watch. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks Amanda and WordCamp NYC


  4. Amanda

    aw guys, thanks! hey, to update the conversation….

    Loving “Gravity Forms” over cformsII these days for forms. It’s the shizzle, check it out.

    Had an awesome experience with the “Donation Bucket” plugin- highly recommend it!

    If I come up with other updates, I’ll post em here.


  5. Teodoro Lopez

    One great presentation, a lot of great info for non-profits! any chance you can come out to a wordcamp out in California? in April ๐Ÿ™‚



  6. Amanda Blum

    Hey Teodoro….

    as it happens, I do have every intention to be at WordCampSF. Hit me up on twitter (@amandablum) so we can connect.


  7. Joly MacFie

    Where is that Donation Bucket plugin, Amanda?


  8. Amanda Blum

    hey Joly!

    here ya go. Sorry, its Donation CAN, not bucket. My bad.


  9. John

    Loved the Q&A. You should do a call-in WP techsupport/talk show!

    Where can I get more info about your “how to blog” instruction?

    Thanks, Amanda.

    – John


  10. Amanda Blum

    thanks John. I don’t think the FCC is all that interested in seeing my publicly broadcast anywhere:)

    You can get more info on how to blog at we’re mostly focused on consulting now but I still do classes out of NYC and Boston/Cape Cod:)


  11. john

    Thanks for the reply, Amanda… Look forward to checkin’ out the blog!


  12. Siegfried

    Hello Amanda!
    Very interesting video, thanks for sharing!


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November 14, 2009

Non profits inhabit their own strange little bubble of marketing goals, work attitude, lack of staff, volunteer turnover and of course, budget. NPO websites need to serve both marketing and functional goals to create engaging messaging and effective service delivery. Amanda Blum nails down why Wordpress is the ideal solution across the board (and speaking of which, how to convince yours).

Video courtesy ISOC-NY.

Slides for this presentation are available here.

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