Jim Doran: Using jQuery in Your WordPress Theme

7 responses on “Jim Doran: Using jQuery in Your WordPress Theme

  1. kwatog

    can’t hear the audio. 😦


  2. Donna

    extremely low audio recording…..had speakers maximized, still could not hear. Too bad, and disappointing


  3. liveanotherlifetime

    i will have to live another lifetime to appreciate this presentation … jquery is awesome …


  4. jimdoran

    Sorry the sound is bad – I would swear I saw someone in the front row with a video camera.


  5. conair007

    I turned my volumn all the way up and still couldn’t hear what was being said.


  6. dave

    Sound is listenable if you use ear/headphones so don’t let that stop you. The info here is worth it, esp for a n00b like me just starting to try to figure out JQuery and what it can do… Thanks Jim.


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November 14, 2009

jQuery is a lightweight JavaScript framework that’s extremely popular with Web designers and developers. Jim Doran presents an overview of jQuery and how to start using it and will show beginners how to start using jQuery and how to begin making WordPress themes.

Slides for this presentation are available here.

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