Using Geotagging

11 responses on “Using Geotagging

  1. shannon

    thanks for the great info. I trying to get my press blog going and this will be a great feature.


  2. ileaneb

    Thanks for the video, it is so much easier to follow along this way. Cool feature.


  3. pommepal

    Thanks for a very clear,easy to follow video.Also, thanks ileaneb for pointing me to this post. I am going to use this as I go around Australia.


  4. @JesseLuna

    Shannon, Ileaneb, Pommepal – You’re welcome! Glad this has been useful. ~Jesse


  5. Oscar H

    Hi Jesse, I am really interested about geotagging my posts but I dont have that option on my Users Your Profile SubPanel. My subpanel is like this one

    Could you explain me, how could I get this new option?

    Eternal gratefulness from spain,



  6. Patrick S

    Thumbs up…


  7. Ville virtuelle

    Wow that IS a cool feature !
    I should use it seriously.


  8. Roger

    Wow, geotagging is pretty cool.


  9. Ahmed

    I dont seem to have the option to add geotagging in my profile?

    I am using WordPress 2.9.2.


    • Michael Pick

      This is a feature, however there are various plugins you can install for similar functionality on a self-hosted WordPress blog. Run a search for “geotag” or “geotagging” from the Plugins> Add New menu and you should turn up some options.


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November 29, 2009

User Jesse P. Luna demonstrates the Geotagging feature of, including how to activate the feature, configure it for your location, and work with it when creating a blog post.

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