Inspirageek Interview with Matt Mullenweg

5 responses on “Inspirageek Interview with Matt Mullenweg

  1. Paul Stamatiou

    Great interview guys!


  2. Matt Auckland

    Just setup my own blog (at last) back in early December. The upgrade to 2.9 was smooth with no issues. Love the new features, and great interview.

    Twitter iPhone app wise Tweetie 2 for me. Needs proper retweet integration to show when you have retweeted stuff, but otherwise it’s great. I also use the iPhone WordPress app, love it and interested to see what’s in the new version.


  3. Marc Ferguson

    Very interesting interview. Odly enough I wasn’t aware of a “Matt Mullenweg”, nor So; I’ve learned a lot. Also seems very cool. I’m not big into video, but it’s great to know these services are available. Good interview Josh.


  4. Josh Grenon

    Thanks for the compliments everyone!

    Paul, how does this view compare to the one from the floor? lol


  5. iba0125

    Great interview guys!


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December 18, 2009

Josh Grenon of Inspirageek sits down with Matt Mullenweg at WordCamp Birmingham to discuss development of WordPress 2.9, VideoPress, tips for entrepreneurs, recommended reading, and iPhone applications.

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