Daryl Koopersmith: Rethinking Themes

3 responses on “Daryl Koopersmith: Rethinking Themes

  1. Karen

    I like your website thank you WordCampTV, Daryl Koopersmith


  2. Konstantin

    Is it possible to get the presentation somewhere? Or the example theme code?
    Would be very much appreciated!


  3. R'phael Spindel

    @Daryl, this is great, to bring CSS grid layout generator directly into WordPress. I’ve been using several of the external tools in this list http://www.webdesignbooth.com/15-extremely-useful-css-grid-layout-generator-for-web-designers/ but having the workflow directly inside of WordPress sounds intriguing. Would like to see the code for this as well.


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March 6, 2010

Daryl Koopersmith looks at the good and the bad of WordPress themes, some new perks, and how to tweak the system to your liking. Looking to the future, he explores WYSIWYG theme editing and modular themes.

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