Scott Elkin: WordPress and Forum Integration

2 responses on “Scott Elkin: WordPress and Forum Integration

  1. Gravity

    I recently wrote an article on integrating forums with WordPress, and review some of the choices, related to my own experiences.


  2. Ivan

    @Grativy: Thank you very much for your article. It has been a very good comparsion of the different integration aproaches. Personally I think wpunited is probably the best, but the only one developer project makes me very afraid.
    I’m looking for a cross blog-comment/forum-replies well integrated system. If someone knows one, please, let me know.
    Thank you Gravity


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April 24, 2010

Scott Elkin discusses the basics of integrating WordPress installations with forum software packages, specifically bbPress, phpBB, and VBulletin.

Presenter’s notes on this talk are available here.

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