Steve Bruner: WordPress 3.0 and Twenty Ten Customization Techniques

7 responses on “Steve Bruner: WordPress 3.0 and Twenty Ten Customization Techniques

  1. John Biddle

    This was a very good presentation covering some of the big new features of WP3 in depth with examples.


  2. Colin Borstel

    This should not have been posted in its entirety – this was unanimously thought to be a colossal waste of people’s time and money on a day where about 100 people went incredibly out of their way because of the nonstop torrential rains all day long. It only adds insult to injury to now waste 75 minutes of people’s time all over the world.

    If you do not know how to program/code, this will be especially useless for you. If you did actually find ANYTHING useful in this video, please state what it was.


  3. Joly MacFie

    Well evidently not unanimously, however everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    This was a follow-up to the previous month’s meetup where Daisy Olsen gave a more simplified introduction to WordPress 3.0. That can be seen on


  4. Steve Bruner

    Hi Colin– That meetup actually got quite good reviews. While most seemed to have enjoyed the multisite portion, many expressed positive opinions about all the new features being presented.

    For those that are not comfortable coding, we tried to show where they can pull existing code. That’s why we went through the TwentyTen functions.php file… which is really a great resource.

    You can read the positive reviews at the WordPressNYC Meetup site:

    And you can watch the multisite portion here:


  5. wpweaver

    If anyone is interested, I’ve just released a Twenty Ten child theme called Twenty Ten Weaver. It lets you tweak most of Twenty Ten’s colors, as well as various other layout properties. It includes over a dozen predefined sub-Themes.

    If you’d like to try it, it is available for download at:

    It won’t work with WP 2 – I’ve been using WP3 RC 1 to develop it.


  6. frankkinlan

    I was about to consider ditching WordPress because of menu issues for Pages I’ve been having. The submenu issue I’ve been having is so simple to rectify but does not seem to be covered in the documentation on Menus.
    Thanks for the tutorial, probably saved my nearly 5 year old blog.


  7. geniuzs

    The Video seems to be much of use. But unfortunately where I am from, viewing the 811 MB of video will take me at least 12-15 hours to watch… The speed of Internet is dead slow here 😦

    Wished that the video was available for viewing in splits – something much smaller. Still I will try to use some of what I could learn.

    Thanks for the great tutorial.


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May 28, 2010

Steve Bruner showcases new aspects of customization available in the upcoming WordPress 3.0 release, including custom post types and the new menu management feature, using the new default Twenty Ten theme as an example.

Video provided by Punkcast.

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