Using SlideShare on

4 responses on “Using SlideShare on

  1. Jennifer Robinson

    Awesome! Thanks for this. It was quick and easy – didn’t assume I was clueless so I didn’t have to sit through unnecessary instructions but was clear enough that it was easy to follow.


  2. Dakar Azu

    Thanks Jesse.
    Short but effective presentation. I was not aware of Slideshare, seems like a good site. Thanks for sharing!
    Such web-based presentations are wonderful tools for education and training.
    You bet, I’ll be using the platform for my clients assuming it is smooth.

    Please tell me Jesse, what is your experience with Slideshare?


  3. umuberuto

    ¡extraordinario aporte! sencilla, elegante y eficaz…..¡gracias!

    Wonderful contribution! Simple, neat and effective…thanks!


  4. Pedro G. González Q.

    Gracias Jesse. Muy útil


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July 8, 2010

Jesse Luna gives a quick two-minute overview on how easy it is to embed a presentation into a blog using Slideshare.

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