Mark Jaquith: SWAN DIVE! …into the Best WordPress of your Life

5 responses on “Mark Jaquith: SWAN DIVE! …into the Best WordPress of your Life

  1. Maria

    Hey, That was really an informative video. I am going to use these tips for my blog. Thanks 🙂


  2. John Lizotte

    As usual, great information; but you should have put your phone down. That’s just rude. But you’re in good company, my kids don’t get it either. They text during dinner all the time.

    I blame the parents. But I promise I won’t lecture yours. lol.

    Thanks for the info, and for letting me rant.


  3. Mark Jaquith

    Ha. Yes, the phone was controlling the slides, and also had some notes. 🙂 Was giving it a try. Not the best. A real remote clicker is better, because you get tactile feedback. With the phone, you swipe, and then have to check to make sure it advanced. Best is a clicker and a monitor on the floor in front of you showing you your slides.


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September 19, 2010


WordCamp Portland 2010 24


Mark Jaquith 18


English 9739

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