Matt Mullenweg: Town Hall with Matt

One response on “Matt Mullenweg: Town Hall with Matt

  1. Erlend Sogge Heggen

    Heh, odd seeing this in the wake of the 3.1 “incident”. I hope to see something in the form of a “WordPress 3.1 release – Aftermath” post and/or video. There’s been some minor chatter, but no proper comment on “what in the world made 3.1 go completely not as planned?”

    WordPress’ rapid release cycle has been one of its biggest selling points for me in the past. I want to know what the team has learned in order reduce the risks of any such setback happening again.

    Then there’s comments. The great part is that Matt seems to have a really passionate and modern vision for comments. This is key to the open web, and I’m very happy to see WordPress / Automattic at the forefront of it.

    The disappointing side of it is Automattic and Matt’s lack of (at least visible) involvement in bbPress. Matt has himself pictured bbPress as part of the imminent future of comments, and I loved it (I believe it came up in a “future of WordPress” talk, available on this site). In light of these past statements, I’m sad to see how little attention bbPress is getting, considering its potential as a key component of “Commenting 2.0”

    p.s. WPTV videos really ought to have a “Film date” (the one it uses now) along with a “Post date”, like on


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September 19, 2010


WordCamp Portland 2010 24


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