Michelle Anderson: Using the Apture Plugin to Tell Interactive Stories

6 responses on “Michelle Anderson: Using the Apture Plugin to Tell Interactive Stories

  1. Coach Rollie

    I’m going to be giving this a try for a presentation I’m planning. Hope it works well.


  2. Michelle Anderson

    You can see the Apture plugin at work as a storytelling device in the interactive 1st draft web series The Miracle in July.


  3. David

    It looks as though the aperture wordpress plugin for post editor integration is no longer distributed. You can still get the highlight script from the Apture website that you can insert into your footer template.
    Apture support


  4. Cindy Callinsky

    This is very cool. I adore your site. I cannot wait to read the online novel. I think I may try it on my site. I searched for the plugin but it didn’t show up for me. I don’t know if there is a way to save and integrate it in without using the plugin search directly on the wordpress control panel.

    Very cool.


  5. Nathan

    It’s always fun finding new things that can be done to increase the abilities of a web site. While I was watching your video I happened by your site and also installed the plugin on mine to start mucking around with it.
    Thank you for your wonderful presentation.


  6. Claudio

    I must say i would be one of those people that didnt know much about the apture plugin, but was curious to find out its capabilities. Watched your presentation, which was great. Im going to take a look at the pugin for a new site of mine. Thank you for your presentation, also took a look at the miracle in july. Very nice indeed.


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September 19, 2010


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