Chelsea Otakan: WordPress No-Duhs

8 responses on “Chelsea Otakan: WordPress No-Duhs

  1. Larry Tilis

    Very helpful. Easy to follow.


  2. Destination Infinity

    There is one request – Not all people across the world have fast Internet connections and mine breaks every fifteen minutes! So, when I start loading the video and when the net connection breaks, the video no longer loads after that point! Hence I request you to also have an option of giving videos in say 4-5 parts of 10 minutes each (max), so that it would be easier for us to view the entire video.


  3. Banago

    Really great talk. Every new-to-wp guy should watch it. It’s like all-in-one starts pack 🙂


  4. Tim Strickland

    Beautiful presentation, very well done. Wish I could’ve attended in person as some of the screenshots in the video are not quite visible (a little fuzzy). I had no problems with video speed or chopping, only the fuzziness of some shots. Luckily, Chelsea is descriptive enough to get me through the tough parts. 🙂 Well done, Chelsea!


  5. cokrat123

    Still can not figure out how I can use this blog. I am new in this type of communication. The Internet, however I am not new. “There,” I am 8 years.


  6. Shawn Smith

    Wow. Great presentation – very surprisingly helpful. Thanks. I learned a lot. I do wish your slides were included somewhere since the video is fuzzy as others mentioned. But thanks for this presentation. I really appreciate it.


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October 23, 2010


WordCamp Las Vegas 2010 10


Chelsea Otakan 4


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