The Big Web Show 29 with Dan Benjamin and Jeffrey Zeldman: Matt Mullenweg Interview

17 responses on “The Big Web Show 29 with Dan Benjamin and Jeffrey Zeldman: Matt Mullenweg Interview

  1. Rick

    Nice interview. Thanks Matt for making WordPress available to us all.


  2. Deborah J. Boyd

    WordPress is wonderful and this interview is great. A definite 5-star rating!


  3. Mark

    Great Interview. Thanks again Matt for allowing us to use the best blogging system around.


  4. WebMatros

    Jeff, Dan and Matt in the same interview, that’s legendary stuff.


  5. PORCO

    je veux worldpress tv en francais diffusée sur le satellite français


  6. Balyer

    Matt is an inspirational guy. I love the part Matt talks about Happiness Engineer. Thanks for the interview.


  7. Brent Norris

    No limits.
    I agree that this is a good time to help the 80% of the users master more of the features of the platform.

    I’d like to help with any educational initiatives. If anyone is interested in working together, I can offer us some base curriculum that I’ve been using to teach wordpress locally for the last few years.


  8. vikash gupta

    Like this interview.


  9. Mark

    Just thinking about the “fear of pressing the auto upgrade” button that was mentioned here. Here is an idea I have had they may help solve this issue. I have added a link below to the WordPress forum request post I have created which outlines my idea.


  10. mmeazaw

    Matt God bless you! you can inspire the 21th century Generation
    our planet(EARTH)!our(WORLD) need, like a universal person, a +ve thinker and such like
    You are doing your best, you are trying to modeled the youngsters becouse they are next………


  11. jessica

    I can not do a darn thing to start up here. I just do not get it. Seems almost old fashioned to me? I was doing Facebook for years. Thought that I would get this, but I just do not. Can you help me?


  12. Marshall Adler


    You are one of the great young professional entrepreneurs of our time. I am striving to follow in your foot steps. I’m just putting in my time right now, picking up slack but am destined to be one of the greats like you. God Bless!


  13. Kristy Emmert

    This is great. Now I know who the developer of WordPress is. This guy is young and smart. I like him.


  14. wilsontsl

    Thanks to people like yourselves. This world’s consciousness is evolving thanks to people like yourselves. Free means harmony and integrating – sharing multiplies.

    You give everyone a chance to self-learn and self-improve. That’s the essence of self-actualisation – let the journey and the party begin!



    Wonderfull! Great interview and thanks for the best user blog site. Love it.


  16. RS

    A lot of people don’t understand 50% of what WP can do. There is a lot of great information online… And the forums for WP are great as well.


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December 2, 2010

Hosts Jeffrey Zeldman and Dan Benjamin interview Matt Mullenweg on WordPress, Automattic, Open Source and profitability for The Big Web Show

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