Bill Heaton: Practical exploits of jQuery with WordPress

6 responses on “Bill Heaton: Practical exploits of jQuery with WordPress

  1. od3n

    can somebody share the slides?


  2. handicapped elderly

    i wonder if your average plugin designer makes these contact forms immune to sql injections?


  3. MileHighTechGuy

    The content seems good, but the video of the projector screen is so washed out I can’t see anything on my 24″ iMac monitor (whether I enlarge the video or not). All I really get out of this is audio.

    Would be nice if we could do a recorded webconference of these presentations, then upload the webconference video so we can see the computer screen clearly. Either that or just zoom in on the presentation and ignore video taping the speaker.


  4. Bill Heaton

    I had the slides from this presentation in a PDF here :


  5. Bill Heaton

    Code is hard to see in video I have links here :

    – Boilerplate code for jQuery plugin with debug and logging methods…
    – searchText() jQuery plugin to add helper text in search input…


  6. Frank Cauley

    I could not see the code displayed on the Whiteboard. Is there any way to get a copy?


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December 3, 2010


WordCamp Los Angeles 2010 15


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