David Gadarian: how to design your own theme

7 responses on “David Gadarian: how to design your own theme

  1. Krishna

    Excellent tutorial for those who like to design their own themes. However, there are audio disturbances that hamper easy listening.

    Thanks for this presentation


  2. DarkHurtTorn

    Nice but I can hardly understand a single word nor can I read anything shown in the presentation.


  3. David Gadarian

    Hi guys. First let me say it was a real honor to be invited to WordCampLA to be a speaker. To be speaking about this subject in particular was tremendous fun. Austin – Thanks again!

    @Krishna – thanks for the kind words
    @DarkHurtTorn – sorry you had some viewing problems.

    If you guys have specific questions I’m happy to answer them to the extent I can – on Twitter @davidgadarian.

    I’d share the slides but for the most part the slides really served to backstop me doing a lot of talking….




  4. jonalist

    Unable to see the speaker, the screen display which keeps changing colors and blinking so it is really annoying with students chatting on & on. The speaker in this episode a site designer himself did not teach anything so we did not learn why WordPress does not support Frames or how to get WordPress to support Frames. I would not recommend this TV Series to any youth trying to learn in a high school or collegiate setting so it really did not show me anything. Why would a telecast continue editing after the speaker event awaiting another speaker event. Besides that video is a December 2010 presentation. What’s New Links do not exist so edit this page when available. Thanks.


  5. Robert

    Can not see presentation. I was able to understand a few words but could only last 9 min 17 sec. Not an easy thing to get thru.


  6. gio

    Really hard to follow!


  7. Roy

    I really, really, really would have liked to watch and hear the presentation. Poorly done for online viewers. There is obviously much interest in the topics on WordPress; but so much poorly recorded / delivered inventory. We need help, so we look to the “pros” for that help, but when it comes across as did these sessions, it heightens my annoyance and affects my motivation.
    I’m sorry that although the topic addressed was immeasurably desirable to gain insight; but the poor quality of the delivery prevented the actual value of the topic being shared with the online viewers.


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