Install WordPress on a Windows Server Using WebMatrix

5 responses on “Install WordPress on a Windows Server Using WebMatrix

  1. zuaagd

    thanks for the tutorial
    This really helped me….


  2. Laurence Moroney

    If you want to see more, check out the Microsoft Web Platform page on WebMatrix. The full (20 minute) version of this video is there.



  3. kaidez

    Great tutorial!! I just have one question…

    This tute thoroughly explains how to set up a WP development environment in WebMatrix. Are their any special things that need to done to get the content from the dev environment to the live site?

    Again…GREAT info!!!! Thanx!


  4. Laurence Moroney

    To deploy WordPress on Windows or Linux, you have to FTP all the WordPress files to your server. You have to have a server that supports MySQL, and then you’ll use a tool like PhpMyAdmin to deploy your data.

    Alternatively, if you use a Windows hoster that supports ‘Web Deploy’ (you can find these from within WebMatrix), you can do a ‘one-click’ publish of everything.

    I recommend the latter 🙂


  5. Raine Taponen

    Thank you for your lesson!


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