Andrew Nacin: My Mistakes with WordPress

8 responses on “Andrew Nacin: My Mistakes with WordPress

  1. Andrew Nacin

    My first slide isn’t on the video, but it was a quote: “Working on old code is like stepping back in time… to a time when I sucked.” (Slide deck is here.)

    I think I hate lightning talks — forces me to rely on my bad habit of talking fast!

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  2. Jos Velasco

    Hello Andrew:

    Thanks a lot for your video. I liked the fact that it was fast.

    I don’t develop yet, but most of the things you said apply perfectly to my job.


  3. elegantblogs

    Loved the slides and the presentation, especially those two calendars showing how much you committed on those weeks. 😉


  4. Kom

    Nice video for me. I am beginner.


  5. chris

    Very informative video, Andrew 😉


  6. David

    Excelente sitio. Trataremos de aprender al máximo.
    Vry good site. I didn’t know you have video guides for wordpress.


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