Chelsea Otakan: Typography & WP

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  1. Jérémie

    I’m somewhat disappointed than a talk about Typography (the art of forming writings) is reduced to fonts. With the new @fontface, there’s a lot (and I mean a LOT) of resources about webfonts and such. And since this is some basic technical tricks, along with pure CSS, it has very few to do with WordPress itself.

    Whereas finding good resources on the rest of typographic art is much more difficult, and WP could do a lot of the work for us.

    Ok, I admit. There’s 10 seconds about wp-typography, which is the only WP thingie addressing this issue. On a 36 minutes talk.

    I would very much have liked at least half the talk about this. More on language specific typography, how to let WP switch glyphs (like WP does from single straight quote to apostrophe), when to do it, how to optimize it (the wp-typography plugin is nice, but quite heavy), how to be consistent on a website where WP is just one part of a larger equation (like when you have a dedicated forum, and ATOM feeds being pulled from elsewhere, and a wiki, etc.), and so much more.

    I think the title of the talk should be more like “Wordpress and typefaces”, and not typography, alas.


  2. Rawist

    I love that she describes how we as humans interpret words as shapes. It’s makes understanding how to create readable fonts so simple like is true from all good explanations.
    @Jeremie, Yes, typography isn’t an aspect of WordPress, per se, so the name of the video is a bit off, I’d guess it was probably filmed at a WordCamp and they wanted it to relate to WP somehow. Typography is a function of CSS, not WP, I agree. But either way, typography is so useful for us WordPress users to know. I thought Chelsea did a GREAT job with the time she had!


  3. Torbjorn

    Thank you for taking the time to put together this presentation for us. I think it is great.


  4. ergenekom

    başarılı oldum mu…inanıyorum çok güzel olmuştur..Teşekkür ederim


  5. beykoz evden eve nakliyat

    başarılı oldum mu…inanıyorum çok güzel olmuştur..Teşekkür ederim


  6. Joe

    Great video, thanks! I am just a poet using basic stuff, this video is very interesting.


  7. andaja

    thats true even more on tutorials or magazine websites . thanks


  8. John

    Puts a whole new spin on creating content. Much more to think about. Clients really have no idea of the mechanics of typography and the variations that exist, the challenges of cross browser and OS compatibility. A very good resource for developers and this goes a long way into adding value to my website proposals using the information presented. It shows your client there is a lot more to a website than just flashy images and colour and adds more credibility to your business if you understand the basics set out in this presentation. Great work Chelsea.


  9. Abhishek

    The shape of words gave birth to famous logos too.


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