Tyler Hurst: How to pick topics to write about

4 responses on “Tyler Hurst: How to pick topics to write about

  1. Jean Sievers

    This is very cool..I have just starting writing..again..I am a 62 year old grand mother and I wanted to see if I could contribute to the current debate about Freedom of Expression. I am very passionate about free speech and I am very disappointed in the main stream media…that’s an under statement..so thank you very much..you have given me some ideas ..or reminded me of some ideas I learned a long time ago ..basically to chill out and see what happens..
    Thank you..JS


  2. Daniel

    Thanks I got lot of stuffs from this video. Very interesting one.


  3. Nader Khaghani

    Good job. There is this inherent fear of writing, and to the extent we get over it with insightful comments such as your and others who contributed we can break the ice.

    Keep it up my friend.


  4. sharingitforward

    Thanks for the quick video. You have some cute ideas that seem like they will work.


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January 29, 2011


WordCamp Phoenix 2011 36


Tyler Hurst 2


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