Jeff Milone | David Morgan: Approaching Theme Design

4 responses on “Jeff Milone | David Morgan: Approaching Theme Design

  1. ellgraham

    Uh.. this was somewhat useless, as much of the audio dropped off


  2. heaterhut

    Good stuff here — The audio kicks back in pretty quickly, and the info on theme usability is something every designer should take a look at. One of my favs so far of this Wordcamp.


  3. ahrengot

    Little of the information is new when you’ve done web design for a while, but some good examples and valid points in this one, so all round it was pretty good. Also, i didn’t know about crazyegg, which seems like a pretty useful tool.

    Little annoying with the sound in the beginning though.

    Oh, and that graph with Difficulty vs. pain in the ass vs. potential income was pretty funny 🙂


  4. Kenneth

    Yes, crazyegg is a bad ass. We just started using it on our sites and we can clearly see how users behave on our site, what they click and where they click most on a particular site.


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February 7, 2011


WordCamp Phoenix 2011 36


David Morgan 2
Jeff Milone 2


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