Bloomberg Venture: Matt Mullenweg Interview

10 responses on “Bloomberg Venture: Matt Mullenweg Interview

  1. Nick Throlson

    Great Interview! WordPress is growing cant wait to see some of the new things coming to WP.


  2. uloga

    you look like a rock star 🙂


  3. Laura Mathes

    I really like the idea of using the p2 theme for your company. I think this is something I may end up using because our company involves people that are spread out.


  4. Diane Bourque

    This is so useful. Thanks Matt. You make it easier and easier to convince people from all spheres that WordPress is a wonderful option to building a dynamic Web presence. More love to WordPress and congrats to the WordPress Team for the great work.


  5. John

    Great interview with Matt. I make a living from WordPress and I help other people realise the online potential using WordPress. Some great information here for the WordPress community. Good to keep up with what’s happening. It would be good to have a transcript of this interview.


  6. Jacques Coquerel

    Thanks. We have started using p2 theme. Awesome!


  7. Tony Milano

    Good stuff. Keep up the great work guys!

    – Tony


  8. beatricekensema1

    Congratulation Guys! WordPress is absolutely fantastic.
    Great software,this is just incredible! It took less than ten minutes to set up my blogging site.I absolutely love it.
    Matt,I have gained so much from listening to you today.
    Matt I am blown away by your enthusiasm and passion. I share your interests in community as a core to business.
    I agree that the web definately needs an open-source platform to encourage creativity and new ventures to make blogging more fun!
    WAHEH! Music was my intro to computing too. Great work Guys Keep it up!.


  9. digirhap

    This is a Bloomberg show? The sound is AWFUL!

    Great interview though 😛


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March 28, 2011

Omnibus of a four part interview from Bloomberg Venture, broadcast March 28th, 2011 in which Cris Valerio talks to Matt Mullenweg, the founding developer of WordPress

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