Mark Jaquith: Scaling, Servers, and Deploys — Oh My!

6 responses on “Mark Jaquith: Scaling, Servers, and Deploys — Oh My!

  1. Ben Janke

    Nice video Mark. Scaling information is great to go over.


  2. Ryan Hellyer

    Awesome talk. Thanks Mark!


  3. Jeffrey Nolte

    As a shop that has been working in rails for some time and familiar with that workflow it is nice to have some light shed on the tools we are used to using with RoR being applied WordPress. I am looking forward to developing a similar system and measuring the results.


  4. David Favor

    Great discussion.

    One thing I’ll say about the old “we can always add a new server”. You’re absolutely correct. Anyone who says this, as a default answer is likely speaking from their “idea”, rather than “experience”.

    One machine I’m hosting for a client is doing 100K uniques/hour, with one unique consisting of 200+ objects served by Apache + many database transactions.

    This is a garden variety $100/month machine with 32 threads + only 32G memory.

    The real answer to most performance challenges is to hire someone who first refers to top + mytop + apache logs + mysqltuner.

    Rule of thumb – “Tune what you got first.”

    Oh and hire someone who can precisely answer the question, “Why is this server slow?”, with factual data, rather than ideas.


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