Chris Coyier: CSS Pseudo Elements for Fun and Profit!

3 responses on “Chris Coyier: CSS Pseudo Elements for Fun and Profit!

  1. Alistair

    Chris, you absolutely kicked ass. Never been to a WordCamp but have watched loads here on WordPress.TV and looks like you have had one of the loudest applause’.

    Brilliant talk and very thorough, the lack of questions seems testament of that.

    Many thanks!


  2. Ahrengot

    Great talk and energy, Chris!

    I’ve seen most of the videos you’ve done at CSS-Tricks as well as the WordPress one you did for Lynda. The way you explain things really sticks in my brain because you’ve got a wonderful way of tutoring.

    Though I’ve used most of this stuff in my own projects for some time now, I didn’t know that browser support was that deep and that the content property could contain more than just strings and unicode characters. Cool!


  3. Steve Barman

    Chris is the best!


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