VideoPress For Self Hosted WordPress: Quick Start Guide

6 responses on “VideoPress For Self Hosted WordPress: Quick Start Guide

  1. Bob

    I had been using VideoPress for quite sometime on my self-hosted site, then realized since it was flash-based, my videos weren’t working iPads and iPhones. And even though it is now HTML5, that only works on videos on As a result I had to change my video hosting and move a ton of videos, bummer as I really like VideoPress.

    I think this should be make clear to people before they purchase it : )


  2. cristianmadrid123

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  3. christinarule

    does this work on self hosted wordpress sites? Or does it only work if you are using blog? Thanks!


  4. zlotinas

    “This plugin requires a blog with the VideoPress upgrade and has no support for hosting videos on your own server” – that means you got only 3Gb space (which is nonsense) or additional 20$ for 10Gb per annum.


  5. Aussie Space Time Traveller Sealed Section

    Does anybody have updated info on whether this plugin works for self hosted sites and what it’s performance is like?


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