Tom Jenkins: Understanding the Relationship Between Parent & Child Themes in WordPress.

  1. texxs

    I think this video help me learn (after all this time) what the one and only true benefit to using a child theme is, ie; not having to change the custom code you’ve added if you update the parent theme. All this other stuff I keep hearing about the benefits are really just not benefits, but hindrances (a whole other set of files to look through to find the css rule that effecting the specific attribute on a specific element your client wants you to change is NOT a benefit).
    However not having to rewrite your custom code when you update the theme (rarely happens), is a great thing. Of course the updated theme files could still “break” what I’ve changed but at least I won’t have to rewrite things to find out!


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December 2, 2011


WordCamp Kansas City 2011 21


Tom Jenkins 2


Development 306


English 6007

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