Matt Browne: Comments Are King — Make Sure You Rule Over The Right Platform

5 responses on “Matt Browne: Comments Are King — Make Sure You Rule Over The Right Platform

  1. ward

    I love your concepts of kings and kingdoms. I own, in Ottawa, Ontario,and I just have to say something. In the last 2 weeks alone I have had over 500 comments on my blog. Comments, not hits. Feedback? Fucking right! I am actually shocked and awed. I think possibly it’s my theme, which was made by Matt Carter.My destination is the future and that happens to be now.Again, I loved the video, outstanding…

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  2. eggywhite

    The “Leave A Reply” option appears twice after all my posts (click any image on the sliders on Home page and Away page to confirm). How do I set the comments prompt and field to only appear once please? Thanks so much, Greg


  3. old5chool

    This and (the whole!) is a thing of beauty, thank you so much!! 🙂


  4. AmyInNH

    I receive email, from someone’s blog. I want to comment on this content, I see comments posted so no, they blogger doesn’t have comments turned off. It asked me for an identity, and when I use wordpress identity or google’s, it sends me off to another page upon login. This is frustrating and infuriating, weekly/monthly. It’s a sewing blog and I would love to send info back, via comment, to the author. Is there no way I can do this? Or what is the magic formula?

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  5. dovechocolatefortuna40837

    I read tons of stuff about how wonderful and free is, but I couldn’t find anything to actually get some help with building a forum to my website. So I went to, and they immediately wanted some of my money. I am allergic to such requests.
    What is the difference between and, and where do I go for help with learning about learning WordPress and getting some direction with adding a forum to my website?


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February 22, 2012


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