Sean Blanda: WP + FB = <3

2 responses on “Sean Blanda: WP + FB = <3

  1. Doug Millington

    Sean’s detailed explanation of the integration of Facebooks open graph with your webite is by far the best I’ve heard – I now understand all the fuss about open graph. And one of many golden nuggets is that using third party apps to post to your wall is heavily discounted by Facebook and he saw an 800% increase in engagement just by posting manually – that is a very compelling number. If you want to understand open graph watch his presentation.


  2. Colton Agar

    Really a great explanation and insight on FB’s open graph. Like Doug, I never really realized all the hype about it when people discussed it in front of me. After seeing this presentation I’m definitely more aware and looking to implement some changes in my marketing plan. Thanks for sharing this info for free Sean! 🙂


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March 1, 2012


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