Andrew Norcross: Wait… That’s WordPress?!?!

3 responses on “Andrew Norcross: Wait… That’s WordPress?!?!

  1. Steven

    I was looking forward to hearing Norcross speak in Phoenix, and by the title I was expecting him to show some examples of sites that are WordPress but do not appear to be, or use WordPress in an unordinary way.
    In the end there were no examples, except a calendar, and not much information conveyed.


  2. Bryan Howarth

    Really enjoyed this presentation. Took notes on all of the recommended plug-ins and am going to start exploring your suggestions. Thanks Andrew.


  3. Curtis Oden

    This is an awesome, rambling discussion covering several WordPress developer “Best Practices”. I got more out of this forty minute presentation than I did out of the last three WordPress books I’ve read. Great job, Andrew (and nice sleeves).


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March 5, 2012


WordCamp Phoenix 2012 38


Andrew Norcross 17


English 9697

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