Ryan Hellyer: WordPress for Those Who Hate Writing Code

5 responses on “Ryan Hellyer: WordPress for Those Who Hate Writing Code

  1. bmilneslo

    Is this a biography on my life. I, as much as I hate to admit, am no developer, so I enjoyed this preso Ryan. Nice work!


  2. Ryan Hellyer

    Glad you liked it. I will not be watching it! I kinda cringed when I saw this popped up in my the WP admin panel today … hate seeing myself talking.


  3. Things to Do in Chicago

    I will try the WP Paintbrush on one of my sites. For someone who is not a coder like me, this looks like the promiseland!


  4. Chosen Writing

    This looks like an awesome development. I tried my hand at designing a static HTML site many moons ago, but someone actually referred me to WordPress as a CMS and I haven’t looked back since! I love how easy (and cheap/free!) it is to customize WordPress with all the themes and plugins out there – and this looks like a welcome addition to the resources already available. Good job I say!


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March 19, 2012


WordCamp Norway 2012 9


Ryan Hellyer 1


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