John Biehler: WordPress Development Environments

One response on “John Biehler: WordPress Development Environments

  1. Konstantin Kovshenin

    Sweet, but I should note out that MAMP and XAMPP are both software packages, the former being for a OS X, and the latter being multi-platform (OS independent). They’re not related to one another and built by different people/communities/companies, so saying “MAMP is the Mac version of the software” is wrong, because XAMPP has also got an OS X version.

    Both of them are sort of LAMP packages (bundled for different OSs), but “LAMP” itself is just an acronym, not a piece of software like MAMP or XAMPP are, so saying MAMP is the Mac version of LAMP is also not quite right. Besides, there are a bunch of other “LAMP packages” out there, which are not named after LAMP.


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June 2, 2012


WordCamp Vancouver 2010 1


John Biehler 1


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