Joey Novak: Developer Tools That Make Money!

One response on “Joey Novak: Developer Tools That Make Money!

  1. joeynovak07

    A few people have asked me for run.php and phpminiadmin.php.

    Here are the files I use, just go here:

    First thing you’ll need to do is edit the .htaccess and replace my ipaddress with yours. This adds a layer of protection so that not just anyone can run commands on the server after uploading, but rather just you.

    Then, either re-zip it and upload it as a wordpress plugin. This will let you access it via wordpressurl/wp-content/plugins/novaksolutions/run.php, or wordpressurl/wp-content/plugins/novaksolutions/phpminiadmin.php

    Or just ftp it up to a server.


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June 4, 2012


WordCamp Phoenix 2012 38


Joey Novak 1


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