Grant Landram: How to Build a Professional WordPress Business

8 responses on “Grant Landram: How to Build a Professional WordPress Business

  1. Bruce Michael

    This was an amazing presentation. Master’s level business advice regardless of the what business this is applied…and, from a 24 year old young man! Well presented, too. Giving kudos to others is quite a strong suit for one so young. Best of luck to Grant…


  2. Grant Landram

    Thank you Bruce. Glad you enjoyed the talk!


  3. Chad Warner

    This is one of the best business presentations I’ve seen on I’m a freelancer who’s transitioning from moonlighting to full-time freelancing, so the advice was very helpful. I especially like the point about having focus to maintain your expertise, which prevents diluting your skillset.


  4. Ian Dunn

    I think those were great points about being involved in the community. Probably 70% of my projects come directly from clients or other professionals I’ve met at the Seattle meetup, including some of my biggest long-term clients. I get a lot of referrals from people within the community, and most of the referrals I give out go right back to into it.

    The point you made about how being involved is more than just handing out business cards was really insightful. You have to actually get involved for it’s own sake and give back in some way. If you do that consistently, people will gradually start to recognize you.


    • Grant Landram

      Great points Ian, thanks for the feedback. I’m happy that these tenets are striking a note within the community, because ultimately it’s the community that benefits from better businesses. Cheers!


  5. originalexe

    This was the most useful presentation (to me personally) so far, it’s really amazing that someone so close to my age (I am 19) is so great, in lack of better words.

    I am from a country where the WordPress community is non-existent, and being able to listen to something like this is just amazing, I am hyped right now lol.

    I hope that one day I will get to go to WordCamp anywhere, it’s so great being surrounded by people who are actually interested in the smae thing as you are.

    Once again, thank you for this valuable video, it’s really helpful!


  6. Wordpress Developer

    FOCUS … and just focus on getting better.

    Good discussion … As i am also getting into freelancing it was good for me to know that almost every body had some sort of problem when starting up as mentioned being stand out, pricing etc.

    I will take that as motivation and keep on improving.


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September 5, 2012

For those using WordPress as a driver of your business, whether you build products, help small clients, or work with large corporations, there are a unique set of issues you tend to experience. This session will help demystify the traits commonly found in successful WordPress businesses of all sizes, and identify common pitfalls to avoid, and actionable best practices you can apply to your business.

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