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  • Empowering local stores: learn from the tech giants while staying local

    WordCamp US 2022Speaker: Ronald Gijsel

    December 19, 2022 — What do the tech giants teach us? Learn five steps to follow in their footsteps and support your local community with an eCommerce store that thrives.

  • WordPress for the next generation

    WordCamp US 2022Speaker: Clemvio Hodge

    December 18, 2022 — WordPress provides a platform with low barriers to entry for anyone to build a website for almost any purpose. This Lightning Talk suggests how WordPress enables youthful creative minds to explore, grow, and earn.

  • Pricing WordPress products

    WordCamp Italy (Italia) 2022Speaker: James Baldacchino

    December 18, 2022 — Pricing strategy is one of the most under-rated marketing tools! It’s the most direct path to improving your revenues, and getting it right makes the whole difference between a successful WordPress business and one which cannot deliver sustainable income in the long term. Beyond that, it’s also a great positioning tool: arguably more impactful than great branding!

    In this talk, I’ll go into all the ways to look at pricing, based on best practices specific to WordPress businesses, including:

    How to tier your product
    Should you do lifetime pricing?
    How do you set your pricing levels?
    How often should you test/change your pricing?
    What about your competitors’ pricing?
    Pricing as a positioning tool
    Special Offers, Sales and Black Friday
    Pricing and Renewals

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  • Un nuovo inizio dopo i quaranta: come affrontare nuove sfide

    WordCamp Italy (Italia) 2022Speaker: Francesca Marano

    December 18, 2022 — Affrontare qualcosa di nuovo, come contribuire a WordPress o fare un cambiamento di carriera, non è sempre facile per le persone oltre una certa età. Parlo per esperienza! Ho iniziato a contribuire al progetto globale di WordPress nel 2015 all’età di 41 anni senza avere esperienze precedenti con progetti Open Source. All’età di 45 anni, sono stata la co-lead di due release major di WordPress.org. E a 47 anni, ho iniziato una nuova carriera con XWP.

    All’inizio è terrificante, soprattutto in un mondo che richiede ai giovani lauree, master, specializzazioni, e tirocini. Tuttavia, ho capito che anche le competenze della “scuola della vita”, come la gestione di progetti e team in settori molto diversi tra di loro o l’agenda di una famiglia, sono preziose.

    In questo talk, condividerò ciò che ho imparato negli ultimi dieci anni, quando ho iniziato a dare un’orientamento diverso alla mia vita, in una fase considerata relativamente avanzata soprattutto nel settore tech.
    Spero che i questi suggerimenti aiuteranno le persone in situazioni simili a sapere cosa aspettarsi lungo il percorso e le incoraggeranno ad affrontare la loro prossima sfida.

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  • Developing cultural intelligence

    WordCamp US 2022Speaker: Petya Raykovska

    December 14, 2022 — The business ecosystem around WordPress is multicultural and distributed. The strive for diversity, autonomy, and location independence that governs the open source world is what businesses have been successfully adopting so they can win clients all over the world and hire talent. But why is it that even though global business speaks English, we’re so often struggling to understand what the other is trying to communicate?

    How do you navigate the minefield of culture-based misunderstanding?

  • Your technical support philosophy is losing money and angering customers

    WordCamp US 2022Speaker: Ben Meredith

    November 20, 2022 — Learn a new framework for technical support that retains more customers, attracts new customers, and all without falling into the common trap of becoming a free developer for entitled users. This philosophy of technical support is fun for technicians and empowering for customers.

  • How to get and retain web design clients

    WordCamp Jinja 2022Speaker: Stephen Dumba

    October 7, 2022 — This talk offers advice and recommendations for getting and keeping web agency clients.

  • Taming the whirlwind – growing your WordPress business while you’re busy with client work

    WordCamp US 2022Speaker: Nathan Ingram

    September 13, 2022 — This talk explains why it’s so hard to move your businesses forward while you’re busy with client work. Learn a strategy to address this very common issue, and find the motivation to make it happen.

  • Esteban Grandal: WP&Emprendimiento: creación rápida de prototipos para validar modelos de negocio

    WordCamp Galicia 2021Speaker: Esteban Grandal

    October 2, 2021 — La creación de aplicaciones web para proyectos innovadores requiere de la creación ágil y rápida de prototipos funcionales. Es importante poder usar lo que se está desarrollando, no solo el concepto ni el diseño de pantallas. Solo con el uso y la observación de diferentes usuarios se pueden crear productos de valor que se puedan vender en el mercado.

    La realización de este proceso con aplicaciones desarrolladas a medida, requiere normalmente de un amplio equipo, reuniones de muchas personas, tiempos de desarrollo largos, modificaciones de código… y sobre todo mucha inversión simplemente para «probar».

    WordPress es un framework que ofrece un entorno validado, muchas posibilidades de ampliar funcionalidades a bajo coste y generar modelos de aplicaciones muy probados de cara a crear posteriormente proyectos a medida y escalables, pero ya con ventas, funcionalidades y conocimientos validados. En este taller compartiré mi experiencia con este tipo de proyectos, ventajas y desventajas (que también las hay)

  • Nile Flores : WordPress 101- Social Media 101 for WordPress

    WordCamp Dayton 2018Speaker: Nile Flores

    June 24, 2021 — Learn the basics of how to use social media to grow your business or blog, including a list of ideas of things to share.