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  • How to prime your WordPress website to sell: Profitable exit strategies for creators

    WordCamp Vancouver 2023Speaker: Chelsea Clarke

    November 18, 2023 — Even if selling your WordPress website is not top of mind for you today, every content creator should have an exit strategy. Many online business owners and WordPress publishers do not realize that they are working in ways that are actually lowering the future resale value of their websites.

    Business Intermediary Chelsea Clarke explains what makes a website attractive to buyers. Walk away with a clear guideline to prime your website for a profitable exit.

  • WordPress empowering enterprises: unlocking growth and opportunities / how to sell WordPress to enterprise

    WordCamp Germany 2023Speaker: Marcus Burk

    October 22, 2023 — We are well aware of the immense possibilities that WordPress offers, yet convincing large businesses to embrace its capabilities can be a rewarding challenge. Together, we will delve into proven strategies to confidently present WordPress as the ideal solution for enterprise-level projects. Discover valuable insights on addressing objections, showcasing WordPress’s enterprise-ready features, and effectively demonstrating its ability to exceed the most demanding business needs. Let’s make WordPress the go-to choice for businesses of all scales.

  • Finding your UX voice

    WordCamp Atlanta 2023Speaker: Dan Maccarone

    October 15, 2023 — This talk explains how to find your perspective in the world of User Experience (UX). Learn how to use UX to create products that truly impact peoples lives for the better.

  • Should you raise capital for your WordPress business?

    WordCamp Europe 2023Speaker: Chris Lubkert

    October 13, 2023 — In the past couple of years, there has been an increase in the number of WordPress businesses raising capital.

    This talk explains how to decide if raising capital is right for your business, what options you have, how to go about the process, and what to look out for. Hint: bringing on outside investors isn’t always right, but it can sometimes help accelerate your business and impact.

  • Leading with Cultural Intelligence – strategies for breaking the invisible boundaries of global business

    WordCamp Asia 2023Speaker: Petya Raykovska

    October 13, 2023 — Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is the capacity to work with people who are not like you.

    The business ecosystem around WordPress is multicultural and distributed.

    While global business speaks English, it can be challenging to understand what others are trying to communicate. Remote companies operating in different regions often struggle to effectively implementing practices that work well for everyone.

    How do you navigate the minefield of culture-based misunderstanding?

    This talk identifies some of the big invisible boundaries of global business and suggests ways to bridge them.

    The presentation is based on the experience of a former Make WordPress rookie who joined the Polyglots team consisting of 20 000 contributors speaking 200 languages, and then found herself resource managing a team of 50 engineers and project managers across APAC, Americas, and EMEA.

  • You’re optimizing the wrong things

    WordCamp Asia 2023Speaker: Thijs de Valk

    September 30, 2023 — There is so much to know these days. And so much to track. So much to test. Big companies have made it seem so easy to just “buy” traffic and customers. We’re slowly becoming blind to what it actually is that builds great businesses. It is not you testing the emoji in that subject line of your newsletter. Nor is it the amount of money you spend on advertising.

    Everyone is leaking energy, time and resources focusing on, and optimizing, the wrong things. In this talk, I’ll show you what it is you should be focusing on, and what you should be optimizing. Time to get that energy and those resources back and spend them on the things that will make your business thrive!

  • Comment créer un site eCommerce optimisé pour la vente

    WordCamp Switzerland 2023Speaker: Emilie Disner

    September 20, 2023 — La vente en ligne a été renforcée par la crise sanitaire. En 2020, 86% de la population suisse a fait des achats en ligne, soit 12% de plus qu’en 2019.

    Toutefois, générer des ventes sur internet nécessite une bonne connaissance des leviers digitaux. À ce titre, l’optimisation du taux de conversion d’un site eCommerce est devenu un élément indispensable pour une stratégie marketing efficace.

    Découvrez une série d’optimisations (faciles à mettre en place) pour optimiser un site eCommerce et booster les ventes en ligne.

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  • 企業によるWordPress コントリビュート成功事例: スキルアップとグローバル参加の機会

    5 for the Future Japan MeetupSpeakers: Naoko Takano, Hari Shanker, Angela Jin, Chloé Bringmann, Chieko Aihara, Hajime Ogushi, Hiromichi Koga, Shohei Tanaka

    July 26, 2023 — ▶️ イベント概要
    このイベントでは、WordPress プロジェクトへの貢献 (コントリビュート) がどのように企業の利益につながったか、その成功事例を共有します。これにより、参加者はプロジェクトへの貢献を通じて得られるメリットを理解することができ、また、どのようにして社員のスキルを向上させたり、世界的な協力関係を築いたりすることが可能なのかを学ぶことができます。

    国際的に Five for the Future という取り組みを通して、貢献を継続的に行っている企業が増えてきている中、国内企業がその動きを理解し、キャッチアップするためのイベントになればと思います。

    ▶️ Five for the Future (未来のための5%) とは
    2014年にマット・マレンウェッグは、WordPress (CMS またはコミュニティ) の恩恵を受けている組織に対して WordPress プロジェクトの継続的な成功のためにリソースの5%を貢献することを呼びかけるため、Five for the Future を立ち上げました。先日の WordCamp ヨーロッパ基調講演でも、”Five for the Future” の活発化はプロジェクトの大きなニュースのひとつとして取り上げられています。

    ▶️ イベント登壇者プロフィール (敬称略・あいうえお順)
    – 相原 知栄子: プライム・ストラテジー株式会社取締役副社長/企画開発部管掌
    – 大串 肇: 株式会社 mgn 代表 / Webディレクター・Webコンサルタント
    – 小賀 浩通: 株式会社デジタルキューブ代表取締役社長
    – 田中昌平: 株式会社シノビアシ 代表取締役会長 兼 社長

    WordPress プロジェクト代表
    – アンジェラ・ジン (Angela Jin): WordPress プログラム & コントリビューターエクスペリエンス部門責任者
    – クロエ・ブリングマン (Chloé Bringmann): WordPress オペレーション責任者
    – 高野直子: Five for the Future プロジェクトマネージャー
    – ハリ・シャンカー (Hari Shanker): Five for the Future プロジェクトリード


    ▶️ Event Summary
    This event will share best practices on how contributing (Contributing) to WordPress projects has benefited companies. This will help participants understand the benefits of contributing to projects and learn how they can improve the skills of their employees and build global collaborations.

    As more and more companies internationally continue to make contributions through the Five for the Future initiative, we hope that this event will help domestic companies understand and catch up with this movement.

    ▶️ What is Five for the Future (5% for the Future)?
    In 2014, Matt Mullenweg launched Five for the Future to encourage organizations that benefit from WordPress (CMS or community) to contribute 5% of their resources to the continued success of the WordPress project The organization is a member of the CMS and is a member of the WordPress community. The activation of “Five for the Future” was one of the major news stories of the project at the recent WordCamp Europe keynote.

    ▶️ Event Speaker Profiles (titles omitted, in alphabetical order)
    Company Representative
    – Chieko Aihara: Vice President, Prime Strategy Co.
    – Hajime Ohgushi: Representative of mgn Corporation / Web Director, Web Consultant
    – Hiromichi Koga: President, Digital Cube Inc.
    – Shohei Tanaka: Chairman and President, Synoviasi Inc.

    WordPress Project Representative
    – Angela Jin: Head of WordPress Program & Contributor Experience
    – Chloé Bringmann: Head of WordPress Operations
    – Naoko Takano: Project Manager, Five for the Future
    – Hari Shanker: Project Lead, Five for the Future

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  • Mehr Erfolg und Erfüllung in deinem WordPress-Business

    WordCamp Vienna 2023Speaker: Martin Sternsberger

    April 17, 2023 — Du bist WordPress-Freelancer, Blogger:in, leitest eine WordPress-Agentur oder hast grundsätzlich Interesse daran, wie du mehr Erfolg und Erfüllung in dein Business und dein Leben bringst?

    Vielleicht ist dein Erfolg noch nicht auf dem Niveau, von dem du fühlst, dass er möglich ist. Vielleicht spürst du auch Blockaden in dir und weißt nicht, welche das sind und wie du sie lösen kannst.

    Diese Gedanken habe ich mir selbst auch lange gemacht, obwohl ich bereits 1996 eine der ersten Digital-Agenturen in Österreich gegründet habe und seitdem erfolgreich in diesem Business tätig bin. Dennoch hatte ich immer das Gefühl, dass mein geschäftlicher Erfolg begrenzt und viel zu hart erarbeitet war.

    Doch dann habe ich eine außerordentlich wirksame 8-Schritte-Methode entdeckt und weiterentwickelt. Das intensive Durcharbeiten der einzelnen Schritte brachte mein Leben und den Erfolg meiner WordPress-Agentur auf die nächste Ebene.

    Wenn dich interessiert, wie das geht und wie mein Leben jetzt ausschaut, komm doch zu meinem Vortrag am WordCamp. Du bekommst Techniken für nachhaltige, positive Veränderungen an die Hand, unterstützt durch greifbare Beispiele.

  • Aura Brito: Blogging como forma de Emprendimiento

    WordPress Meetup San Antonio de Los AltosSpeaker: Aura Brito

    February 19, 2023 — En este meetup hablamos del trabajo online, remoto, a distancia, nos acompañará Aura Brito, quien nos contará cómo es posible emprender con un blog y WordPress.

    Aura es bloguera, asesora de negocios digitales, entre otras cosas, y tiene 10 años de experiencia como bloguera. Es por ello que en este Meetup disfrutaremos de sus anécdotas y experiencias, y nos contará a todos cómo ha sido posible emprender con un blog en WordPress.