Tammie Lister: Express Yourself with BuddyPress Themes

  1. mercime

    Cool presentation, Tammie 🙂

    In addition to using BuddyPress-compatible themes (free, paid, custom) already out there or making a child theme from the BP Default Theme, one can also make a WordPress theme compatible with BuddyPress by installing the BP Template Pack plugin and going through the BP compatibility process. Here’s a list of “template-packed” WordPress themes so far http://codex.buddypress.org/theme-development/wordpress-to-buddypress-theme/#template-packed-wordpress-themes

    And come BP 1.7 BuddyPress content will automagically be rendered in any WordPress theme without any need to template-pack-it 🙂


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October 27, 2012


WordCamp NYC 2012 12


Tammie Lister 25


BuddyPress 80
Themes 263

MP4: Low, Med
OGG: Low
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