Al Davis: After the Install

2 responses on “Al Davis: After the Install

  1. Brad Dalton -

    I’d make sure you prevent spammers from posting thousands of links in your comments using malicious software as this could really do your domain authority some permanent damage.

    Go to Settings > Discussion and check the box: An administrator must always approve the comment.


  2. Chad Warner

    Akismet is a great anti-spam service, but it’s only free for personal sites. For any commercial use, you need to pay. The Akismet signup page says, “If your site is for a business or if it promotes a product or service, you should pick from one of our paid account options.” See the Terms of Service for further details.

    I’ve been using the free version of CloudFlare for a few months, and it’s greatly decreased spam on my sites. It also serves as a CDN and protects against malicious threats. Be sure to couple it with the CloudFlare plugin.

    If CloudFlare isn’t for you, try Antispam Bee, but note that it isn’t compatible with Jetpack Comments.


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November 10, 2012

I am going to walk you through 10 things you should do to improve your WordPress install while it’s still got that new website smell going for it. There will be some security tips to keep you safe, as well as some SEO and productivity suggestions to help you get the most bang for your buck.

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