Pippin Williamson: Modular Plugins

2 responses on “Pippin Williamson: Modular Plugins

  1. vsgloik

    See the slideshow at

    Re: what’s wrong with this? (at 6:10, slide 31 ) shoudn’t div=”pw_box” be class= ?
    OH I see you fixed it in slide 37. But is “id=” right? What if I use the shortcode more than once?

    Two typos in slide 49.


    • mordauk

      I noticed those typos during one of the iterations of the presentation 🙂

      It’s best if you generate a unique ID with each short code instance if it is going to be one used multiple times per page.


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November 29, 2012

This session focuses on developing WordPress plugins that are easily extendable by other developers. The idea is to build plugins that not only allow you to add-on and extend the plugin, but also allow other developers to create extensions and modifications without ever modifying the core source code of the plugin.


WordCamp Chicago 2012 17


Pippin Williamson 12


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