Denise Tawwab: Custom Post Types – A Case Study

4 responses on “Denise Tawwab: Custom Post Types – A Case Study

  1. mark shirley

    Hi thanks for the video where can I see the slides from this tutorial


  2. Mark Shirley

    Nearly everything I look at online about the loop involves twenty ten and I use twentyeleven the file structure is different and the way the loop works is different.


  3. Chad Warner

    Denise’s presentation is somewhat difficult to follow at times, but she gives some good advice about custom post types, and mentions plugins that simplify the creation of custom post types.


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December 3, 2012

An understanding of custom post types will allow you to move your WordPress sites way beyond the blog and well into CMS territory. In this session Denise Tawwab will walk through the steps (and plugins) needed to create a custom post type, to attach a custom taxonomy, and to display the custom posts on your website.

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