Nina East: How to Raise your Web Design Fees

One response on “Nina East: How to Raise your Web Design Fees

  1. Chad Warner

    This presentation is chock-full of ways to increase profitability. Nina describes how having the right mindset gives you the confidence and courage to raise your fees. She advocates pricing by value rather than trading time for dollars. I liked her point about asking clients what the value of a project is for them, then fitting your estimate within that (if reasonable). I also liked her point about tying payments to calendar dates, not completion of the project; that way, you get paid regardless of whether the client has fulfilled their obligations.


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December 14, 2012

In this session we’ll discuss the five critical elements every web designer must deal with in order to raise their fees confidently and successfully. I’ll share the inside scoop about what really happens when you raise your fees, plus let you in on some secrets to solving the question of value in the minds of your clients.

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