Cliff Seal: Content Strategy – No one cares about your content (yet.)

3 responses on “Cliff Seal: Content Strategy – No one cares about your content (yet.)

  1. Cliff Seal (@cliffseal)

    I’d just like to quickly point out that the first few minutes were cut off here, and they gave some pretty vital context (otherwise, it just seems I start railing on things right off the bat).

    Please check out my follow-up to this presentation that includes my slides and tweets from attendees:


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February 9, 2013

In this session, we will refresh how you view your own web content by seeing it through the eyes of the user, and we will discuss methods of improving UX by employing simple and effective psychology alongside common-sense SEO. We will also explore how methods of effective in-person conversation can be applied to web content strategy. Then, since better prospects will be finding and reading your content, I will show you how to target your audience, measure the results, and constantly improve your outreach.

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